Dream Collector II

Dream Collector II

INDIGO CD 963242


01 Kalt! *(Ghost Track)
02 Undividable* (DCII E-Mix Edit)
03 the Plague* (Vers. N4-4 DCII Edit)
04 the Wedding* (DCII Edit)
05 MenschFeind* (DCII Version)
06 Giftraum* (DCII Version)
07 UnWanted?* (DCII Edit)
08 the Return (*DCII**Dark Edit)
09 Never tell the widow *(Bonus Track)
10 Splinter* (Original Version)
11 Psycho-Logic* (Alternative Version)
12 Out of my world* (Bonus Track)
13 King of Nowhere* (Club Mix DCII Edit)
14 Grey the blue* (DCII Version)
15 Element IV: Angst *(DCII Version)


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