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Welches ist dein Diary of Dreams Lieblingsalbum?

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  1. Erzsi 10. October 2014 at 10:58 - Reply

    My favorite album is Elegies in Darkness. The musics and lyrics are very close to me. I love it.

    Very difficult to choose only one album, anyway. All of them are wonderful and great works.

    Anno, the strongest impression on me were the Kalt and Element 2: Illusion. As if you could see into my head. Awesome.

    Thank you for the songs and the lot of work in them.

  2. Johan 8. October 2014 at 15:55 - Reply

    It’s strange to notice that my 2 favorite albums are less appreciated: Psychoma? and Bird without wings.

    The songs on ‘Bird without wings’ were the first songs that I’ve ever heard of DOD. When I first heard ‘Stimulation’, I had to replay it (wauw, so much happening in this song) , and then I didn’t listen ‘But the wind was stronger’ or ‘Legends’ yet. It’s very hard to pick a favorite song of this album. (June, Aphelion, A Sinner’s Instincts, Ex-Ile, … I really love them all)

    But if I really can nominate only 1 album, it’s ‘Psychoma?’. All these songs have a similar sound. They have a dreamy atmosphere, they sound cloudy, dark, misty but you still feel comfortable. I’d love to play them when I’m driving home at night because they sound like they keep me company.
    It also contains my all-time favorite song: Never!land. I’d love to hear that on the next acoustic album, or live. But everytime when I hear it, I need to listen also to E.-dead-motion, Methusalem, Wild,… And when I’m typing this, I started ‘Drop Dead’ on the background 🙂

  3. Oana-Roxana C. 30. March 2014 at 17:42 - Reply

    My personal opinion is that all DoD albums are brilliant, due to the strong emotions that each and every song transmits, as well as to the beautiful arrangements and overall look of the booklets and CD covers.

    Therefore, my choice of a favourite DoD album only relies on my personal experiences in life, that make me find myself more in some of the songs, rather than in others. And for me, the DoD album that has been and still is closest to my soul ever since I first heard it remains Freak Perfume, and that because most of the songs on it express feelings I experienced towards certain persons and things in my life so far. And that is important for me because, not being gifted for any kind of artistic expression myself, I tend to find other means of “emptying my head” (as Adrian puts it in the interview on Nine in Numbers), and expressing my emotions that are locked inside. And for me, listening to DoD and especially to the songs on Freak Perfume helps me do that and become aware of some of the feelings I couldn’t otherwise express myself.

    However, Elegies in Darkness is very close to Freak Perfume for me, and is my next favourite, this time mostly due to the grandeur that every song transmits and the overall atmosphere of something heavy, dark and beautiful in a twisted way, almost in a Baudelaire-like manner in his “Fleurs du mal”. The video for “A Day in December” is also a big reason for liking this album, as for me, it transmits that beauty can be find in most unusual places, as long as these places are linked to beautiful feelings, persons, things, from one’s past.

    And for all these beautiful things through which DoD are close to my heart, as well as for all their other albums and their wonderful live shows, I think this band deserves all my respect, love and support.

  4. Chris M 19. March 2014 at 23:04 - Reply

    As I’ve said before, Nekrolog 43 is my favorite because there is a wide variety of emotions you feel when listening to the album. Even now, seven years after its release, I’m still finding new sounds in the songs when I listen to them. It’s the kind of album where you can find a dark, quiet place and get lost in the music. It’s an emotional journey it takes you through that makes you forget about the world.

    Elegies in Darkness is my second favorite because it is amazing and against similar songs on Nekrolog 43 I think these tracks may be better, but alas the songs partially stand alone on this album and it isn’t really an album where you get lost in it. It’s wonderful and I love it, but the Nekrolog will always be my favorite.

    Just to say it, I think (if) is my third favorite album because there is a connection between all the songs, in a similar sort of way to Nekrolog 43. Then fourth is Ego:X, which has some great songs like “weh:mut,” “Immerdar,” “the Return,” and “Push Me (feat. Amelia Brightman)” but as someone who does not understand German the five Element tracks, which serve as intros to the next chapter of the album, take away from it.

    I do however, like Ego:X’s songs better than (if)’s, I just think the album is not quite as good. But that’s just me. What I can say is that I’m glad to own all of these masterpieces and will support Diary of Dreams for as long as I can. Thank you for the wonderful music you make, Adrian.

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