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  1. Money Maker 22. April 2018 at 15:44 - Reply

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  2. Fadi 16. April 2018 at 19:41 - Reply

    Without good liver no energy.

    There is ultimately no new liver because a transplanted one is a used one anyway. Transplants hardly succeed. The list of wares is long. There are no organs.

    Reports are not necessarily credible in part then that can be a lie, if someone claims he had something transplanted. These are lies with which people put pressure to catch job, that someone give it to them, etc.

    how would the person approach the organ, etc.?

    They give nothing and especially nothing new eventually. the life expectancy after a transplantation is low, it is only 10 years. I therefore do not believe it without proof.

  3. n.n. 14. Februar 2018 at 20:26 - Reply

    Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Diary!

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